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The Five Elements

The five elements are essential to ancient philosophy.  It is a common thread found in a wide range of cultures and ancient civilizations. These elements include:

Wood - Growing, flourishing, rooted yet pushing upward

Reflected in the Self - striving, controlling, flexible strength, self-assured


Earth - Productive, fertile Solid

Reflected in the Self - stable, reliable, tenacious, grounded


Metal - Hard, structured, symmetric

Reflected in the Self - organized, substantial, strong, durable


Fire - Dry, hot, ascending

Reflected in the Self - dynamic, sparkling, enthusiastic


Water - Wet, cool, descending

Reflected in the Self - flowing, adaptable, pliant


Our therapeutic techniques, services, and products are based on these elements. The Ousia philosophy consists of five steps, designed to facilitate an integrated experience:

  1. Insight – a personalized consultation to access specific needs.

  2. Cleanse – the process of removing the accumulation of stress, strain, tension and sluggishness within the body.

  3. Nourish – appropriately selected skin care products are applied to address your individual needs.

  4. Transform – the curative part of the treatment process that begins the rebalancing of the cells.

  5. Restore – the accumulative benefits of the previous steps, the end result being balance and harmony.

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